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Morning Foods


Oatmeal is produced from the wholegrain Oat, which is ground to provide an excellent textural profile whilst delivering a creamy mouth feel.

It is milled to a variety of grades where oat definition is not required but thickness is, for example in the production of biscuits, cakes and confectionery. Other uses include Scottish style Oatcakes, Parkin, Crumble toppings, Cheesecake bases and fish/meat coatings prior to frying/baking and stuffing mixes. Oatmeals are usually graded as Coarse, Medium or Fine, although a full range of gradings can also be provided.

Morning Foods supplies a wide range of oat and oat based products.
A wide variety of formats are available, ranging from 12½ kgs up to full bulk loads, alongside bespoke catering and wholesale packaging options where required.