hundreds of products from one mighty oat

Morning Foods has a long tradition of providing healthy and nutritious wholegrain oats to the food ingredient and manufacturing sectors in a wide variety of finished product and packaging formats.


Rolled oats are often called porridge oats, flaked oats, quick oats or fast oats. They are milled to various different shapes and sizes. They are a very versatile wholegrain cut oat flake ideally suited to uses in porridge, muesli, flapjacks, cakes, biscuits, cereal bars, bread coatings, cheesecake bases and much more besides.


Groats are the wholegrain oat milled for food use prior to rolling. Groats can be used as ingredients in food processing and as a thick textural addition to a wide range of traditional savoury products such as Haggis, black pudding and sausages, as well as soups and breads. Groats are also used as an ingredient in high-quality animal and bird feeds.


Jumbo oats, as their name suggests, are the largest variety of wholegrain flaked oat. They are milled for texture and flavour, ideal for biscuit and confectionery products that require a firm bite and open consistency. Jumbo oats are used extensively in flapjack, confectionery, bread, cereal bars, muesli, granola and traditional porridges.


Oatmeal is usually used for producing savoury products. It is milled to various grades depending on the application. Often used for producing savoury products such as soups, flavoured porridge, oatcake biscuits, oat pancakes, fish and meat coating, cheesecake, and crumble toppings. It is particularly noted for its textural qualities, which also makes it suitable for baking, sandwiches and artisan breads.

Oat Bran

Oat bran is the outer skin of the oat groat, found once the outer husk is removed. Oat bran is high in soluble fibre and is used in many products that can claim to reduce cholesterol as part of a healthy diet. It is used as an ingredient in a wide variety of baked products for both textural and fibre enhancement. Oat bran is also sold directly to consumers as a topping for home baking or as a healthy eating supplement.

Oat Flour

Oat flour is the finest grade of whole grain oats and is made to many differing specifications. Its fine smooth texture is ideal as a thickening agent, and is at the core of many oat milks. When mixed with wheat flour, it will produce biscuits, bread products, cakes and other pastries. Oat flour can also be extruded to produce cereals, shapes and snacks.