the morning foods way

From day one, we’ve been dedicated to maintaining our pioneering spirit. In 1943 we invented the steam stabilisation of oats providing longevity and durability to this already mighty grain. From there, we were able to build a global customer base for the best oats in the world. And we haven’t stopped, we’ve always been at the forefront of innovation in the oat industry, pushing the boundaries of milling and product excellence.
In 2011 we installed our first wind turbine and solar farm generating our very own renewable energy and we continue to look forward and remain innovative.

We’re not ones for shouting about ourselves – we like to let our cereals do the talking. That’s why we’ve always focussed on keeping our heads down and working tirelessly to constantly raise the quality of the oat ingredients we offer.

Morning Foods has been awarded over 50 international awards for consistency and purity of product quality. Innovations in efficiency and lowering our carbon footprint have led to industry awards for sustainability and ‘Treading Lightly’.